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Double-Concave Decks: A Mason Ho Special - Meet the "VooDoo Child"

pMason is one of the most innovative surfers in the world right now, able to surf maxing Pipeline or a funky cliff reform mutant with total ease and flair. This “VooDoo Child” model is, as Mason puts it, “a mash-up of ...

History Of Surfing: Surfing’s Beat Generation - "There was no desire to shatter the square society...only to elude it"

pWe’re still in mid-’50s Makaha for the newest History Of Surfing chapter, where news of Buzzy Trent’s big-wave frat house had finally reached Honolulu, and a 25-year-old Star Bulletin reporter named Sarah Park d...

Portfolios: The Rob Machado Collection, From Grant Ellis - Smooth and casual style, 17 years strong

pClose your eyes, and sketch your vision of the photogenic surfer. Hair down to the shoulders, a thin build, but not frail, deceptively powerful. He’s a Seaside Reef icon with style that shoots like enlightened sunlight from...

Micky Clarke In “Hurricane” - Bringing the power to the North Shore

p18-year-old Ian “Micky” Clarke, Ventura-born, raised on the buttered bread of right pointbreaks, has power. Proof above, from a few months on the North Shore, filmed by Sam Moody. Big fin throws, nimble in the air, as...

The Doherty Report: The Rare Bird - Day One of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

pThe second someone dropped the claim that yesterday would be “a landmark and historic day for pro surfing,” it was doomed. It feels like the hype around North Point and the chance of getting it on has been juiced for so long – ev...

Fraser Dovell’s Tube-Attacking Prowess - This is how it's done, kids

pYou can’t fake comfort in the heavy stuff. Knees goes shaky, hands flail. There’s the classic deer-in-the-headlights look. And then the eyes, ever aiming and focusing on one thing: the channel. Just the opposite can b...

The Warped Ethos Of Albee Layer - "Surfing is your interpretation. It's up to you to decide what it is."

pEthos, one of Aristotle’s ingredients for persuasion in the study of rhetoric, appeals to a subject’s character or credibility in order to make a point. Character Albee Layer’s got lots of it. Credibility How...